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Association of Non-Formal Education

We founded the Association in January 2013 as an initiative of people who were involved in various roles in the European Commission’s Youth in Action programme – a programme supporting non-formal education for young people between 2007 and 2013. However, many of us have been gaining experience in the field since the 1990s. We are therefore building on our many years of experience in the field with the aim of maintaining, developing and passing on know-how. This website is one of our tools to do so.

Our vision:

We contribute to young people being able to choose educational paths according to their needs, interests and approaches that suit them.

Our mission:

We promote the quality of youth work by educating youth workers, bringing innovation and European trends in non-formal learning and linking non-formal and formal learning approaches.

Our principles:

  • We want you to be motivated and inspired by learning with us.
  • We like to learn with and from you across Europe.
  • We pride ourselves on quality and meaningfulness.
  • We work domestically and internationally.
  • Differences inspire us.

For more information visit the website, or answer questions from the email info@anev.cz.

HUMAK – University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences of Humanities was founded in 1998 and is a national university of applied sciences that operates almost everywhere in Finland. Humak has 2200 degree students and around 160 experts working in various fields. In almost 25 years, Humak has graduated 5,400 experts in their fields. The core of our strategy is to strengthen the competence in our fields through education, RDI and service activities. 

Our offices are located in the Helsinki metropolitan area (Helsinki, Kauniainen and Nurmijärvi), Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Turku. Our multifaceted online education and training offers training leading to a qualification, regardless of location.

We produce expertise together with our partners. We share with our partners an interest in developing competence in our areas of strength.

Humak’s areas of strength

Community development

  • Youth work
  • Organizational work
  • Adventure Education
  • Community development

Cultural production

  • Production and project skills
  • Creative entrepreneurship

Interpretation and linguistic accessibility

  • Interpretation of sign languages
  • Communication expertise

Our vision 

Our vision is to focus on developing the skills of our strategic strengths in Finland and abroad. We are a strong international specialist in community development, cultural production and language accessibility.

Our mission

Our mission is to work with our students, staff and partners to build a humane world that meets the needs of individuals and communities.

Humak’s values and approach

Humak is a value-based university that builds a more humane world. We create a more equal society by developing skills that connect people. We educate people who have the courage to stand up for humanity, humanity and civil rights. The skills we produce will increase community, accessibility and well-being, enabling a sustainable way of life for present and future generations.

Our approach is described as follows

  • We renew sustainably and renew boldly.
  • We succeed together.
  • We encourage and inspire.

Staff email addresses are etunimi.sukunimi@humak.fi.

Humak’s official email (for notifications) is kirjaamo@humak.fi.

Website: https://www.humak.fi/

Team Mais

Team MAIS is a small social enterprise (SME) based in Lisbon with a solid international experience focused on Innovation, Inclusion, Youth Work and Adult Education. 

Established in 2007, it mainly develops training and educational programs in particular for educators and youth audiences. 

Team MAIS works with organizations all over Europe, namely in the framework of Erasmus + and other European programs. 

Since its creation, Team MAIS has accumulated several years of experience in national and international project management, as well as in the development of pedagogical and training contents of non-formal education adapted to numerous contexts.

Team MAIS is passionate about creative solutions, team work, design learning experiences, trainings, non-formal learning events and strategies.

Website: https://www.teammais.pt/


We care about young people. We follow trends, bring innovation and develop young people and the ones working with them to contribute to improvement in the youth work and youth policy quality.

We are enthusiasts for working with youth and young people. We follow trends in their lives, innovations in education, support the involvement of young people and influence youth policy. For some of us, working with young people has been a mission and a hobby since the 1990s, others jumped on this train later. In 2015, we decided to establish the YouthWatch organization, which aims to contribute to improving the quality of youth work and youth policy, bringing innovation and developing young people and youth workers.

We believe in young people and perceive the need to understand and know their needs, to share them with the community of people who work young people. We support policy-level changes so that young people can live better and have the opportunity to be full and active members of society.

Our vision

Our vision is filled with young people actively building the world around them, young people, who are recognized as an important part of the society and correspondingly supported.

Our Mission

We contribute to improvement in youth work and youth policy quality by following trends, bringing innovation and developing young people as well as those who work with them.

More is on our website.

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