Who is the website for?

Anyone who works with young people – youth workers, teachers, social workers, volunteers, or curious parents interested in different educational approaches – will find it useful. If you want to get inspired, improve your activities or revive them with new methods according to current trends, you’re in the right place.

What will you learn here?

  • Basic information about non-formal education and tips on what to think about to ensure that your activities have the greatest impact on young people’s education.
  • The latest news from the field of non-formal education – articles and interviews (not only) about innovations, trends and interesting topics that have not been mapped in the field so far.
  • Tips for new methodologies, that you can use when working with young people.
  • ‘Resources’ tell you where to read more and how the creators of this site can support you further.

Who manages the site?

In the Association of Non-Formal Education (ANEV, Czech Republic), we support youth workers to ensure that their learning activities have the greatest impact on the development of young people’s competences.
We strive to see education in a broader context than just from a school perspective. For us, non-formal education is a means to change the way we look at education and learning. At the same time, we find it an effective tool to stimulate personal development. For us, nonformal learning means learning voluntarily, intentionally and from experience.

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