Gamified Scavenger Hunt Actionbound

Method and description

A scavenger hunt is an old school game used for many purposes; what we are proposing here is a treasure hunt using an application called Actionbound. Actionbound is an app for playing digitally interactive scavenger hunts to lead the learner on a path of discovery. The program quite literally augments our reality by enhancing peoples’ real-life interaction whilst using their smartphones and tablets. A digital scavenger hunt can work in almost any classroom and lets students collaborate with peers to apply what they’ve learned in a meaningful way.

To read more about gamification of learning in general, please read other chapter of this toolbox.


Go on the website register and create a bound. Actionbound has many challenges you can add- based on finding a place with a QR code to scan, taking a picture or a video, answering quiz questions and so on. You can decide whether or not to assign a time limit. Create a plan of tasks based on your needs and test it within an app that you need to download first. After testing, add any needed improvements and you are ready to use it! To let your teams play, download a QR code from the website and when the teams are finished you can project the results and celebrate the winners.

Additionally, you can observe a similar approach in the other video on geocaching.

Practical information

When you might use it: When you want to organise an engaging treasure hunt activity to connect groups and promote cooperation based on any content
Time Required: From 15 minutes to 1 hour or more
How many people involved: This activity is does not have group restrictions; it can borganised by teams, so at least 2 teams of 2,3 participants
Target: any groups
Where: any place
Materials Required: Downloaded app


The method is suitable for participants with special needs, just make sure the tasks required within the game are realistic based on their special needs. Having diverse groups brings added value to the participants’ learnings, you can ask questions related to inclusion of everybody in the teams in the reflection after the activity.


The methodological description is based on the text produced by Olga Kuczynska. Developing Youth Work Innovation. E-handbook. Project Future Labs. Erasmus+, KA2, 2019. Publication of Humak University of Applied Sciences, page 62.

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